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Por fin se Estrena: Del como los Niños pueden Volar

foto de Polo periodico mural

Despues de un largo tiempo de esperar por fin se estrena el corto, lastima que no me invitaron!!! :'( Inche mal carnal!! :-P

Muchas felicidades!!!! y que la pachanga este reguena!


River Rafting!!

Some photos of the GSE River Rafting Day



When is it Time to Upgrade your Wireless?

When your internet connection is Twice as fast as your wireless!!

Comcast Blast Internet Speed on Wireless

**Comcast Blast Internet Speed on Ethernet Cable**

Loving Comcast Blast!!!

I just upgrade it to BLAST and its amazing!!!!!!!!!

comcast blast speed

Nintendo Games @

I just found this site "" with hundreds of nintendo nes games that you can play on line and  here's a good list of games


But heres my ultimate favorite nes game




Alanis Morissette + Match Box 20

Chelelo and I almost didn't make it for this concert it was a good show, last time we saw Alanis it was more acoustic this time was a bit more like the cds. MatchBox put on a really nice performance, kinda cool they got back together I guess they needed more money! But how doesn't?


rob thomas

Into the Wild

Haven't read this book but the movie was amazing

into the wild poster

Donnie Darko

Wow!! I liked this movie, it is far beyond complex and there is so much more than just the events. This is one of this movies that requires to be seen many times wich I think I'll probably do ;-).

donnie darko poster

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